Haskell Assistant Superintendent Horesh Tiwari, who is currently working on an Industrial Water project outside Kingston, Jamaica, has received one of three Living the Values Awards for the second quarter of 2024.

May 24, 2024

Award’s ‘Poster Child,’ Horesh Tiwari Honored for Living the Values

The Assistant Superintendent's generosity and dedication make him a valued Haskell team member. See how he embodies the company’s core values.


Haskell Assistant Superintendent Horesh Tiwari doesn’t own a car right now, but in the context of the Jamaican culture that currently surrounds him, it’s no problem.

His generosity in helping others in his life who do need a car, though, helps tell the story behind his receiving Haskell’s Living The Values Award, given quarterly to team members who embody its core values of Team, Excellence, Service and Trust (TEST). That is explained in the nomination letter penned by Jason Hulsey and Gillian Simmonds, two project managers.

“He is often the first person to offer his assistance, even if it’s a task he’s not familiar with,” Hulsey and Simmonds wrote. “He is always willing to help and does not hesitate to offer his services. He is also the poster child for TEST. His calm demeanor and communication skills make him an added value to any project.”

What cemented the honor was his assistance to those close to him. Tiwari needed a new vehicle while on a job site in Columbia, South Carolina, and aimed to purchase a new pickup truck. But his brother had recently welcomed his first child and needed a larger SUV. So, Tiwari purchased the vehicle for his mother and took in his mother’s Toyota Corolla. Then, when a longtime friend needed a vehicle, Tiwari transferred the Carolla to him before departing for his current project near Kingston, Jamaica.

“I used to make fun of her car in college, and she still had it running, barely,” Tiwari said. “So, it was a good thing to let her have it. I didn’t need it in Jamaica.”

Born in Minnesota but raised in Queens, New York and New Jersey, he ventured south to Florida after high school to visit his father. He enrolled at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, earned a bachelor’s in Construction Management and held a couple of different jobs in the industry before joining Haskell three years ago.

“Knowing what I help build will be here for a while is rewarding,” Tiwari said. “It gives me a real sense of purpose. Not too many people can travel through an airport and say they had a part in constructing something there.”

Tiwari’s current project is a wastewater treatment plant for a rum production facility. As an assistant superintendent, Tiwari spends his days working with various personnel on the job site to ensure that Safety and Quality standards and the schedule are met and exceeded.

“The people I have been working with at Haskell offer a lot of connections and come from different backgrounds,” Tiwari said. “They’re all helpful, like a big family. I really appreciate that. In my previous jobs before this, it was always corporate, making money and getting the job done. Not that making money isn’t important at Haskell, but somebody is always willing to help and understand what I’m going through.”

The long hours in Jamaica do provide a benefit since he’s located in the Caribbean. As he has a hobby of enjoying worldwide travel, he will take the company truck and visit beaches on the weekend and find new restaurants to sample new food.

“It’s noisy on the job site so I enjoy anywhere where I can go out and just get some peace and quiet,” Tiwari said. “I’m not inside the house. I’m enjoying myself. Everybody always says they want to go to Jamaica for vacation. I’m having a vacation every weekend.”

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