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Selecting a site and navigating permitting and governmental procedures are the foundation of any project.

Our in-house civil engineering team helps guarantee certainty of outcome.

Haskell pioneered the integrated architecture, engineering and construction project delivery model. Offering in-house civil engineering services completes that model and provides for a greater degree of certainty of outcome. Our deeply talented and growing team of site engineering and infrastructure design professionals is a leader in providing collaborative, competent and cutting-edge solutions by leveraging our collective experience, passion for quality, and dedication to excellence.

We work strategically and collaboratively to expedite delivery and guarantee satisfaction.

At Haskell, our civil engineers work closely with the customer and project management team with unparalleled efficiency to develop the project’s physical design, strategically permitting the project and commencing construction far sooner than traditional delivery models. Our civil engineers work alongside licensed landscape architects to deliver sustainable solutions uniquely blended with the natural surroundings. Our team has trusted relationships with geospatial, geotechnical, environmental consultants to ensure that your facility opens quickly and cost-effectively.

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We solve every project equation with deep exploration and innovative thinking. Engineer a greater level of performance and value.

Civil — Site
Civil — Site

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