Packaging Systems Design

Packaging system concepts and designs are quickly evaluated for value.

Packaging systems are scrutinized for value, performance and waste.

Haskell’s high-quality, robust packaging system designs are built for optimal performance. In collaboration with clients, we develop Overall Equipment Effectiveness models that include crucial metrics that help determine potential bottlenecks and realistic throughput expectations. We optimize system throughput and reduce waste before the installation of any equipment. We work diligently to analyze and confirm engineering calculations with realistic targets, so pre-production estimates match actual production rates and to bring our clients to market with less downtime and risk.

Our goal is faster time-to-market and low risk.

Our engineers have a deep understanding of high-speed manufacturing system development, equipment, performance, package design and materials, and material flow within the system. Once we integrate each of the system’s equipment centers and control systems, we refine for added efficiencies in space usage, packaging specifications, material flow and Lean methodologies. We work closely with clients to ensure they have the right information to make fully informed investment decisions and to help them bring their packaging solution to market quickly.

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