Maryland Proton Treatment Center

Baltimore, Maryland

Building an advanced cancer center requires pinpoint accuracy.

The Maryland Proton Treatment Center, operated by the Department of Radiation Oncology of the University of Maryland, offers one of the most advanced forms of cancer treatment available: proton therapy. The unique treatment is highly precise, targeting only the cancerous cells with radiation. Building a structure to house such an advanced therapy calls for deep resources and laser-tight accuracy — two reasons Advanced Particle Therapy chose to partner with Haskell.

The center will utilize cutting-edge materials and processes.

A three-story concrete structure houses the technologically advanced proton treatment equipment, five treatment areas and mechanical and electrical support spaces. The massive concrete walls, ceilings and floors — ranging from 8’ to 15’ feet thick — provide structural support for the highly specialized proton treatment equipment as well as radiation shielding to the surrounding areas.

A calming environment that’s centered on patients.

The facility serves patient needs beyond treatment. Patients can access proton therapy services, patient and family lounges, medical offices, research facilities and ground-level retail space. Since its first patient, the center welcomes patients from near and far to the heart of the University of Maryland’s Biopark.

  • Three-story, 110,000 SF outpatient cancer treatment center
  • Five treatment rooms and multiple support areas plus retail and research spaces
Division Leader –

Healthcare Construction

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